Dr. Mervyn Turner

Merv Turner, PhD

Dr. Mervyn Turner, PhD, has served as a member of our board of directors since 2020. Dr. Turner has nearly 35 years of experience in pharmaceutical drug discovery, research and development, licensing and business development, emerging markets strategy development and implementation. He spent 27 years at Merck & Co. Inc., holding positions of increasing responsibility in Merck Research Laboratories before joining the company’s Executive Committee as Chief Strategy Officer. Upon his retirement from Merck & Co. in 2011, Dr. Turner founded a private consulting firm, through which he acts as an advisor to several institutions, including Bay City Capital, a San Francisco-based venture firm, Bridge Medicines, a commercial incubator for early-stage innovation based in New York City, and Adagene, a China-based therapeutic antibody company. Dr. Turner is also a member of the Board of EnGeneIC (Sydney, Australia), and the chairman of the board of LUNAC. He also serves on the scientific advisory boards of Blade Therapeutics and Spinogenix. Dr. Turner is a senior healthcare advisor to Lazard, a leading financial services and investment banking firm. He holds his Ph.D. in Chemistry and his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Sheffield, and completed his post-doctoral training at Harvard University.