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SAB Biotherapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company uniquely focused on the development of powerful and proprietary immunotherapeutic polyclonal human antibodies to treat and prevent infectious diseases, immune and autoimmune disorders and oncology. Our development programs harness the body’s natural defense system to address infectious diseases resulting from outbreaks and pandemics, as well as immunological, gastroenterological, and respiratory diseases that have significant mortality and health impacts on immunocompromised patients. SAB’s novel drug development platform, DiversitAb™, has the unique capability to generate large quantities of specifically targeted, high-potency polyclonal antibodies without the need for convalescent plasma or human donors. Over a span of two decades, our founding scientists have optimized and advanced genetic engineering and antibody science to develop Transchromosomic cows (Tc Bovine™) that produce fully-human, highly-efficacious polyclonal antibodies. The Tc Bovine™ are a proprietary component of our novel platform to address the emergence, mutation, and diversity of modern health challenges.

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