Chairman & CEO
Sam J. Reich
Samuel J. Reich currently serves as Chairman and CEO of SAB Biotherapeutics. He served as executive chairman of our board of directors since our business combination with Big Cypress Acquisition Corp in October 2021 and was elected CEO of SAB in January 2024.
Co-Founder & President
Eddie J. Sullivan
Eddie J. Sullivan, PhD, is our co-founder and president since 2014. Dr. Sullivan has served in biopharma leadership positions for more than 25 years. Prior to joining us, he held the CEO role or other leadership roles in our predecessor entities, including CEO of Hematech, a subsidiary of Kyowa
EVP & Chief Financial Officer
Mike King
Michael G. King, Jr. serves as our EVP & Chief Financial Officer, joining SAB in October 2023. Prior to joining SAB Biotherapeutics, Michael King was an award-winning equity research analyst covering the biotechnology sector. He also has several years’ experience in the biotech industry.
EVP & Chief Operating Officer
Christoph Bausch
Christoph Bausch, PhD, MBA, is our Chief Operating Officer as of May 2022, overseeing all Research & Manufacturing operations of the company. Prior to his role as COO, he served as Chief Science Officer since joining SAB in April 2017, providing leadership in all areas of Research & Development,
EVP & Chief Medical Officer
Alexandra Kropotova
Dr. Kropotova MD, MBA is our Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, joining SAB in June, 2022 to lead the strategy, direction, and execution of the company’s clinical development for the entire portfolio. Dr. Kropotova is a biopharmaceutical executive with expertise in all phases of